We have VIP Membership Plans for the most demanding subscribers.

The VIP subscribers will receive more channels compared to the regular ones, and they will be served by different network elements with higher performances and better security.

The VIP Subscription will provide the following advantages:

1- Exclusive Channels: The following Premium channels will be available to our VIP Members only:
A25- 4K UHD Channels

2- More powerful servers in terms of CPU and Memory: These servers will be dedicated to the VIP subscribers only, in order to offer them a better IPTV Experience

3- Higher Priority: When so many subscribers try to watch the same channel, the priority is given to the VIP lines, standard lines may face some buffering on that channel if the maximum number of connections is reached

4- More security and privacy: The VIP Subscriber’s IP address won’t be visible to any Third party network elements, it will be hidden by our proxy servers for more privacy

5- Dedicated support team: VIP subscribers will be served by a dedicated support team, this means prompt replies, faster activation, renewal, changes..

6- Special requests: VIP subscribers can request channels and VOD content to be added, our concerned team will do its best in order to make this content available whenever possible.

7- Built-In VPN: Each VIP Member will be given a personal IPTV domain, which allows him to bypass the ISP blocking/throttling, watch IPTV anonymously and even play our channels on the devices that do not support VPN, without the need for any third party VPN account.

8- VIP Welcome Gift:

  • 15 Free additional Days for the first 3 Months VIP subscription
  • 1 Free additional Month for the first 6/12 Months VIP Subscription
  • 2 Free additional Months for the first 24 Months VIP Subscription

For more details about our VIP Membership Plans and Pricing, please contact us by Telegram or WhatsApp.