3 Months IPTV Subscription

(48 customer reviews)


For 90 days, enjoy one of the best IPTV servers currently available on the market:

  • 20000+ Live channels
  • 45000+ Movies and TV Shows
  • Full 4K, FHD, HD & SD Channels
  • Full PPV Channels
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Automatic channel updates
  • 7/7 Free Technical Support
  • Anti-Freeze Technology

King IPTV is accessible on Smart TV, Android, IOS, MAG, PC, Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, Formuler, Nvidia Shield, Buzz TV, Medialink, Tvip, Enigma2, Smartphone, Tablet, etc..


Three Months IPTV Subscription

Since we are one of the leading IPTV service providers, we have four fantastic subscription plans. We offer them flexible three months, six months, one year, and two-year plans not to burden them with mandatory buying of one year. Of course, our customers, depending on their financial situation, could take any plan of their choice.

For the next 90 days, our customers can enjoy exciting entertainment on Smart TV, MAC, PC, Android and iOS, and other supported devices. In addition, we offer over 12000 live channels, 14000 movies, and TV shows with EPG or TV guides. Most of our channels are full HD and only a few SD channels with anti freeze technology. In addition, we provide automatic channels updates through our professional 24×7 free technical support to all our customers.

Hence click our site to know more about our fantastic three-month IPTV subscription plan details to enjoy endless entertainment at fewer costs but with high quality.

48 reviews for 3 Months IPTV Subscription

  1. Daniel

    Good service

  2. Paul

    Really impressed with this service, one or two channels down…. but this is iptv. Will definitely get a subscription when my old service finishes.

  3. Abdelkerim Guignol


  4. will b


  5. will b

    very good

  6. Henry Arbeel

    Works fine, i’m satisfied.

  7. tour

    still the best

  8. jim rich


  9. clifford

    5 stars

  10. clifford


  11. naif


  12. Trausti Baldursson

    Ok most of the time.

  13. Kokomma8

    Very good support team. Channels are very stable.

  14. ALI


  15. Froos


  16. Faiz

    Your service is excellent.

  17. Hasan Buraik


  18. Hasan Buraik


  19. Hussain

    Very good

  20. Hussain

    Very good

  21. Thula Nyathi

    its really good

  22. ambrosa mihai-cristian

    big effort for such a service.Not without flaws but you can be sure to watch want you want.
    deseves themoney

  23. Damien

    Trial period could be longer. Good selection of channels. But I had little issues with some channels having no sound. But the amount of channels made up for that.

  24. Tommie Thorbjørnsen

    Hei har bestilt får 3 monder.men lurer på hvordan eg kommer inn på smart tv ? Håpe på et positivt svar ?

  25. eric huell

    Very good I would love to try it

  26. dave

    A 30 day subscription would be a good addition and allow the service to be fully appraised prior to taking a longer subscription.

  27. Brian

    A one month subscription would be nice, this would give one time to judge the service before going for a longer subscription.

  28. Jacques Gander

    Je me demande quand les chaines suisses seront dispo… a part cela c’est ok

  29. Héctor Amador


    Exelente servicio,pero creo que debería de tener un poco más de canales con traducción o subtitulos para los latinos gracias.

  30. YOusuf


  31. Dokrak

    Fast reply for making alternative payment and instant set up account. Channels selection and quality are OK.definitely not the cheapest around worked for the full period without complaints so happy customer

  32. Mohmad


  33. Mohmad




  35. Dejerm

    I am very happy With the 12 hrs trial service, I wanted to continue with a paid subscription but the cost is above my expectation

  36. Ali


  37. Callum Vargas


  38. dan

    Very good provider

  39. Mohamed Alharthi

    Thank u

  40. Alan galan


  41. Carina Asell

    Worked fine during 12h trial, however I think trial time could have been at least a week as reception various on different days an times

  42. Amit

    IM LOVING IT !!!!
    But mostly i love their customer Service. they helped me and they taught me a lot! and in a matter of minutes!
    i dont know that about you, but its fast and trustable.

    that is all i want to say i think its importent to share this (and im not a sponser, just avarage dude :))
    so enjoy !

  43. Siamakdxb .


  44. Aniekan Etokebe

    The iptv channels were stable. I was very impressed. am a Nigerian that
    runs a computer/ iptv , satellite rx /parabola in Oslo, Norway.
    If I wish to be a re-seller, what are your options?
    Anyway, I will order a three month sub. to test it further. 12hrs of test and observation was a little
    too short..
    The DSTV Channels were not visible or were not there. Maybe I did not check properly.

  45. Sam Drake


  46. rabkin anatoli


  47. Modussir choudhury


  48. Mahdi

    Amazing channels and services, I’m a 100% satisfied customer.

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