12 Months

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For 90 days, enjoy one of the best IPTV servers currently available on the market:

  • 12000+ Live channels
  • 14000+ Movies and TV Shows
  • Full HD & HD & SD Channels
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Automatic channel updates
  • 7/7 Free Technical Support
  • Anti-Freeze Technology

King IPTV is accessible on Smart TV, MAG, Android, IOS, Enigma2, PC, MAC, Formuler Z, Dreamlink..

17 reviews for 12 Months

  1. Mukuna Kalala


  2. Mukuna Kalala


  3. arne stroem


  4. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Is good

  5. Stefan Matti

    Very Good

  6. Zied Ben Mahrsia

    New user

  7. Idar

    Very pleased

  8. Hasari Cekic


  9. Skanderbeg

    The best iptv ever but pls fix the Albanian and belgian tv channels and quality. All the rest is fantastic.

  10. Sami Hassouneh


  11. Jacques

    Excellent can watch high quality TV channels. However can’t select different language for bilingual movies like swiss televlub TV. Maybe due to application used on my smart TV?

  12. Aniekan Etokebe

    Excellent and stable. I am very pleased. Bravo !.

  13. Manuel Matias

    New subscription

  14. Karol Cefai

    Best Iptv in the market

  15. Pedro Esteves

    The Best, but porn channels are missing.

  16. Masoud


  17. Sigursteinn Hákonarson


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